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Hell Hole Movie 2013
Hell Hole Movie 2013
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Hell Hole is the story of Tyler and Rick, two dudes who can't seem to get going in life. They play in a band, work at the local fast food joint, and hook up with hot babes online.

When they meet their most recent dates at a bar on the edge of town, everything seems to be going fine, that is until somebody has to pee. What you may think is a door to the bathroom can turn out to be a barrier keeping Hell's darkest and nastiest creatures at bay. "Whoops, sorry dude, wrong door."

Now it's up to the dudes to save the world from Hell's onslaught. With help from others they meet along the way, they now must save their dates and the world before it's to late. Will they have the courage and the motivation?

Join us for this fun, action packed thrill ride that will keep you laughing, crying and jumping out of your seat until the very end! It promises to be a good time for all. Download a digital copy today!

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